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MouseWheel for Item Slots

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MouseWheel for Item Slots

Post by That[s]CalledRofL on Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:37 pm


The Original Inventory to MouseWheel Program

Basic Operation:


1) Download the version you like. Double click to run. Note that the programs have been renamed etc, so they have been downloaded many more times than the number indicated. DotaMWheel has worked successfully for many people.

2) Now go into dota, get a hero.

3) Optional, only for DotaMWheel_AC_HS: Label your hero in group 8 (Ctrl+Cool.


MWheelUp>>Top Right inventory slot

MWheelDown>>Mid Right inventory slot

Middle Button>>Top left inventory slot.


DotaMWheel_AC_HS - DotaMWheel AutoClick HeroSelect

Old Name: DotaMWheel

This is the original version, and it is the one I use and recommend.

Binds Mousewheel to: F1, Inventory (Numpad), Left Click, 8.


Optionally, label your hero in group 8 (Ctrl + Cool. Then your hero will be reselected AFTER the click, so if you click on empty ground, you wont lose control.

If you are have an Eul in the Top Left Inventory slot, you just point your mouse over the offending hero, and middle click. The hero then gets severe wind chill. You do not need to be selected for this to work.

If you are using a mekansm, just click middle mouse while the pointer is anywhere on the main map (eg not on the menu bars above) and it will work.

DotaMWheel_MC_HS - DotaMWheel ManualClick HeroSelect

Old Name: DotaMWheelSE

This is the most popular version.

Binds Mousewheel to: F1, Inventory (Numpad)

If you want it so that when have the Euls and you press the middle mouse button, then ONLY the item is selected (so you get the targeting thing), and now you need to click with your left mouse button to use the item, try DotaMWheel_MC_HS.

DotaMWheel_MC_NHS - DotaMWheel ManualClick NoHeroSelect

Original Name: DotaMWheelNoHeroSE

Basically binds the numpads directly to the mousewheel with no frills

Binds Mousewheel to: Inventory (Numpad)

If you want to use this for normal Warcraft, use this version, as it wont auto select your hero.

Suggestions, Special Orders

Suggestions are welcome. If you want a special version, binding the keys to something else etc, just ask, and you may receive.


1) How do i close it?

Go to your notification area next to your clock on your taskbar. Right click, then click exit.

2) It doesnt work!

Make sure you have not changed the default keys.

Remember to bind 8 to your hero. To do that, select your hero and press Control+8.

3) Does this work for Dota 6.33? (Or any other version)


It will always work unless they change the item slot hotkeys of the numpad. This is unlikely since the item slot hotkeys are universal across Warcraft III.


11 September 2006:

New, more logical format for filenames.

Fixed the bug where the program would work in the Windows Explorer Window, causing Help to pop up.

Version 2: DotaMouseWheel2

1) Only does the effects in Warcraft 3.

2) Only need to bind 8. F1 is used as the other hero hotkey.

Version 2: DotaMouseWheelSE

Same as MWheel2, but only selects the item, does not click for you. No need to bind anything.


Same as SE, but doesnt select the hero. Useful for normal WC3. Non SE version available on request.

Bugfix: Holding alt and mousewheeling still works.


#ifWinActive, Warcraft III

;;Mouse Wheel to Item Slots

MButton::Send {F1}{Numpad8}{LButton}8

WheelUp::Send {F1}{Numpad7}{LButton}8

WheelDown::Send {F1}{Numpad4}{LButton}8

;;Holding Alt still has same effect

!MButton::Send {F1}{Numpad8}{LButton}8

!WheelUp::Send {F1}{Numpad7}{LButton}8

!WheelDown::Send {F1}{Numpad4}{LButton}8

Original Post

I recently started playing Dota, which is awesome, but the item hotkeys and general hotkeys were really annoying to use. Thankfully, autohotkey and the customkeys were there. So I made an autohotkey script which maps the items to the mouse wheel. I hope you find it useful.

Before using it, your hero needs to be bound to keys 7 and 8.

What is does is map the middle mouse button to the numpad 8 slot, scroll up to numpad7, scroll down to numpad 4.

I will use the middle mouse button as the example.

So when you press the middle mouse button, it first selects your hero (in case it is not selected due to panic Razz ) then it presses the numpad 8, then it clicks the left mouse button, then it selects your hero again.

So if you are using an Eul, you just point your mouse over the offending hero, and middle click. The hero then gets severe wind chill. You do not need to be selected for this to work.

If you are using a mekansm, just click middle mouse while the pointer is anywhere on the main map (eg not on the menu bars above) and it will work.

I had to use two numbers to bind as if I use 7 twice, WC3 takes it as pressing 7 in a row twice, and centres the view on the hero which is very disorientating.

I recommend placing the Eul on the middle mouse button for accurate clicking, and things like a blink dagger on the roll down for quick access when stormbolt dodging.

My other idea is to bind the spells to tyui, attack to k, hold to o, learn spell to j. Detonate mines etc to R. Then your thumb can rest nicely on alt. I have attached a 6.28 customkeys script for this.
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