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DotaTalk For Quick Calling

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DotaTalk For Quick Calling

Post by That[s]CalledRofL on Fri Jan 02, 2009 5:51 pm

Since using the mousewheel for doing inventory slots, I realized that the numpad is unused. So I decided to bind canned messages to it.
I have also used the Home, PgDown etc keys

So for example, if you press 1, you will say "Push/Defend the Top Lane!" in teamchat.

Because there are many messages, I also used ctrl. So Ctrl+Numpad8 says "Well done Opponents!" in global chat.

Anyway, here is the list, I have attached the compiled program and the source code.

I have tried to bind the numpad Enter to ctrl, so you can access it easily with one hand, but the program doesnt work well. Any suggestions are welcome. I will try to find out why maybe on the autohotkey forums.

I have made it so it only does the keybinds inside Warcraft III. So the numpad, scrolls, behave normally outside.

The mousewheel works like last time, but only 8 needs to be bound, F1 is used for the other one.

For people like Fucko, feel free to add this into your own programs. You can probably do it much better, maybe allow the messages to be customized?

If you want to see what messages do what, look at the source code. +{enter} means global chat. ^NumpadXXX means Ctrl+NumpadXXX. I will make a nice version of this later when its all stable.

Known Issues/To Do list: (Please Help!) Most people can help in the first two issues
Change the messages?
New layout?
Speed up the typing.
Numpad Enter
Sometimes behaves funny.
Write a better explanation once everything works.
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