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Who can defeat Banehallow - The Lycanthrope

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Dota related terms

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Dota related terms Empty Dota related terms

Post by That[s]CalledRofL on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:09 pm

Dota related terms


Happens when the enemy hero attacks your tower/buildings without any of his/her creeps around, even if his/her creeps are 1 wave behind from reaching the tower/building.


Using the ability blink


Make something better (an ability, stats, items, etc.)


Commonly associated with for heros with mana-burning/destroying abilities. "Burn their hero mana!"

Cannon Fodder

A free kill, suicidal person


A hero that farms for a majority of the game then leads(carries) the team to victory.


A HYBRID of Instant and Activated. Its a skill that takes effect as soon as you press the hotkey or skill button, some have casting time, delays or targeted. The spell constantly takes effect until duration ends or if the player takes another action such as move or use another spell. Being stunned also causes the channeling skill to stop.


Spells or item ability that render one "helpless", might prevent him from running, attacking, casting of spells, etc.


Activity of gaining gold by attacking enemy spawns or neutral creeps. Farming also means earning gold.


Giving items to teammates hence boosting them. It also means dying to enemy hence granting opponents gold and experience points making them stronger as a result.


An ally who repeatedly dies to enemy granting opponents gold and experience points making them stronger as a result.


The process of grouping together to ambush/kill heroes, same as rape and gangbang


A game in which players who join are from a specific channel/clan, usually seen as more of a competitive style of play as opposed to public games.

Instant ability

Skills that takes effect as soon as you press the hotkey or skill button. Some instant skills needs to be targeted first or have delays but CANNOT BE CANCELLED when stunned.


Stealing a kill from your allies by delivering the final blow to kill enemy hero/tower/creeps/spawns, hence getting the kill score and gold.


standing safe distance from attacks and gaining exp without combat.

Melee Dance

Melee hero sitting behind creep waves and running forward to get last hits for gold and xp.


Make something worse(an ability, stats, items, etc.)


Magical/"Physical" spells / ability that require casting which is used to hurt a enemy hero.


Killing enemy heros repeatedly.


Giving items to teammates hence boosting them.


This skill is always active and does not consume mana. Under this category are Auras. Auras affect not only the player's hero but also other heroes and even creeps, minions and summons.


Concentrating on destroying towers on a specific lane and generally making grounds.


The strongest neutral creep in the map, near the first tower on the Scourge side. All players of a team will receive +800 gold if the killing blow is made by a player on the team.


Silence a hero to keep him from casting spells

Team sell

Controversial strategy to deal with the leaver's items. All items from the leaver's hero are sold at half price and everybody from his team receive equal part of the money. Actually the team is loses out because only half the invested money is distributed. It is a better strategy to distribute the items among the players in a way that the greatest advantage from them will be received. For example Null Talisman benefits more Intelligence hero rather than other heroes. It should also be noted that since all players on the leaving hero's side gain control of the leaving hero, arguments often arise as people selfishly struggle for control of the leaver's strongest pieces of equipment although all the equipment stay in the team.


When a low-life hero stands by his tower because he is afraid of being killed out in his lane
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