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Lescos Warcraft Toolkit

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Lescos Warcraft Toolkit

Post by legend on Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:27 am

Lescos Warcraft Toolkit - README
1. Features descripted
2. FAQ
1.1 Keyboard options
Show energy:
Here you can set hotkeys to show the units energy permanently in game
Usage: Set the hotkeys.
Activate the keyboard options
Start a game.
Press the defined hotkeys to switch it on/off.
Deactivate keys:
Here you can deactivate keys that could disturb you while game.
Usage: Select the keys to disable.
Activate the keyboard options.

1.2 Inventory-Hotkeys:
Here you can define hotkeys for the inventory slots of your hero/units.
Usage: Set the hokeys.
Activate the Inventory-Hotkeys.

1.3 Battle.net:
Battle.net Userlist:
Here you can monitor Battle.net users.
Usage: Add the users, you want to monitor to the list.
Activate the list.
Determines your ping.
Usage: Select a gateway and press the "Ping" button.

1.4 Registry:
If you need the registry entries to patch your Warcraft 3, this feature helps you.
Usage: Enter the path of your "Warcraft III.exe"
Klick "Make entries".

2.0 Q:Why doesn't LWT start?
A:A possible reason can be old data file of a previous version.
Delete all the files in the directory and extract the files to the directory again.
Q:Is the source of LWT available?
A:Yes, it is stored in the folder "./src" of the toolkit.
Q:Can I submit feedback?
A:Yes, there are several possibilities to do that:
- Email me to: lesco@gmx.de
- Post int the forum on www.lesco-warcraft.de.vu
- Post in the specific thread on the inwarcraft.de forum.

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