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Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool v1.4.2 Vote_lcap260%Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool v1.4.2 Vote_rcap2 60% [ 3 ]
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Total Votes : 5

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Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool v1.4.2

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Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool v1.4.2 Empty Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool v1.4.2

Post by legend on Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:29 am

Mefhisto Warcraft III Tool v1.4.2
by Mefhisto,



1. In NO event will the author be held liable for any damages arising from the use of this software.
2. Permission is granted to anyone to use this software for personal non-commercial use only.
3. By using source code, you are not allowed to redistribute other version than original.


Warcraft III Tool will work on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 and Vista system. Program should work also on Windows 98 an ME. It doesn't use any external files, and leaves no traces on your system.

Configurating config.ini file

Some stuff, You should know:

1. There is configuration guide on my forum, visit website to get link.

2. There is a sample config.ini file in Your download. Each available parameter is listed inside the file.

3. To change language with ready translation, replace whole language section with new one. Default language is english. You can use build-in languages by configuring config file.

4. If there is no confg.ini file, tool reads values from registry, also if there are no values in registry, it uses default values. Tool reads config file only at startup.

5. If You want to use Your CustomKeys.txt file as Custom Keys, copy it to directory where the tool is placed.


First, modify keyboard key in config.ini file as You need. It is necessary.

Apply Custom Keys - If checked, uses CustomKeys.txt made by Me into Warcraft III directory and turns on "Use CustomKeys" option. My keys affects Dota-Allstars. If there is a CustomKeys.txt file in tool directory, tool uses it in replace of mine. Old keys are backuped to CustomKeysOld.txt and restored when tool exits.

Replay Auto Saver - If checked, it auto saves each played game into replay to WC3Save in replays directory. Runs WC3Save by Legioner.

Disable Windows Key - If checked, disables windows key (a key on your keyboard with windows logo), Alt+Q and other hotkeys, which can be enabled/disabled with mouse. You can still use CTRL+ESC to minimize wc3.

Hit Points Show - If checked, displays hit points bars over units. Can be enabled for either allies and enemies. Runs WarCraft III HP View Helper by K3)SuXX.

UseBackpack - If checked, binds first two keys in first two lines of Your keyboard to use as Numpad keys. It allows You to use items from inventory much faster. Also uses Ctrl with first line keys for turning multiboard on/off, select idle worker, and select building worker.
Note: In order to use backpack, You need to turn NumPad off.

Your Current WC3 Path - Click to change installation path of Warcraft III.

Profile - Change to profile You want. Profiles are configurable inside config.ini file.

Use OpenGL - Runs Warcraft III in OpenGL mode, it improves performance and frame rate for some graphic cards.

Run Warcraft III - Runs Warcraft III and all apps checked. Tool is looking for 30 seconds for Warcraft windows to open, later it closes. If there is no Frozen Throne installed, it runs Reign of Chaos.

Run in Window - Runs Warcraft III in resizable window with checked apps.

World Editor - Runs Warcraft III World Editor and saves settings from config file.

Run Replay Charter - Runs W3Chart 1.01M by JCA. After it exits, w3g extension is associated with the game.

Run Reign of Chaos - Runs Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and checked apps.

Save Settings - Saves settings.


640x480, 720x576, 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024 and 1280x800 for widescreen. Other are listed in config file.
Specialy usefull for widescreen.

60Hz, 70Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz, 100Hz, 120Hz. Choose Your refresh rate here. Other are also listed in config file.

Color Depth
16 or 32 bits.

Occlusion - Enable/Disable occlusion culling in game.

Shadows - Same thing, but with shadows for units.

Models, Animations, Texture, Particles, Lights, Spells
Low, Medium, High

Texture Color Depth - 16 or 32 bits.

Gamma - Max value is 100, min is 0. Default is 30.

Locked Frame Buffer Size - Locked Frame Buffer Size. Disable it for more frames.


Audio Interface
Dolby Surround, Miles Emulated 3D (mostly common), Creative Labs EAX2.

Sound - Turns sound on/off, slider changes volume, from 0 to 100.

Music - Music on/off, use slider for volume change.

Ambient Sounds - Enable/Disable ambient sounds in game.

Movement Sounds - Enable/Disable movement sounds.

No Midi - Do not use midi.

Software Midi - Use software midi (or not).

Environmental Effects - Play environmental effect.

3D Positional Audio - Use 3D Positional Audio, Your sound card need to operate that.

Advanced, No Warn Sound - No warn sound on some events.

Advanced, Don't Use Wave Out - Use it, if needed.


Default Colors - Uses 12 colors, from blue to brown.
Blue-Red - You and Your allies are blue, enemies are red.
Blue-Teal-Red - You are blue, allies are teal and Your enemies are red.

Terrain Filter - Uses terrain filter.

Creep Filter - Indicates creep camps on the minimap.

Formations - Enable/Disable formations.

Display Hero Icons - Saves some place on screen by hidding hero icons on left top. Skill points for spend are indicated, "F" keys are working as normal.

Enhanced Tooltips - Enhanced tooltips, recommended for custom games players.

Subtitles - Use subtitles.

Enable Formation Movement Toggle - Same movement speed for whole formations.

Subgroup Order - Subgroups.

Use CustomKeys.txt - Use Custom Keys.

Key - Adjust keyboard scroll speed.
Disable Mouse Scroll - Disables mouse scrolling, use slider to adjust speed of mouse scrolling.

Tray Employment:

Hide/Show - Shows or Hides tool's window. If You run game or World Editor, when interface is hidden, it will stay ready for next use in tray.

Run - Works same as button in interface. In 'Other' submenu, You can find various Blizzard games to run.

Exit - Tool exits.

Advanced / Start with System - Makes Warcraft III Tool with start with system. Tool and config file will copy into wc3 directory. RunInTray parameter in config file will set to 1 (enabled). Can be canceled.

Advanced / Associate File Types - Associates .w3g to watch replays easily with Warcraft, also associates .w3m, .w3x, .w3n and .wai with World Editor. For current user only.

Advanced / Erase Registry Keys - Deletes are registry keys for Warcraft III for current user.

Thanks to:

K3)SuXX for HP View Helper
Legioner for ReplaySaver
JCA for W3Chart
SaDeK for testing
and Blizzard for creating such a great game
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