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Commands in the DotA Map

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Commands in the DotA Map Empty Commands in the DotA Map

Post by That[s]CalledRofL on Fri Jan 02, 2009 6:11 pm

Commands in the DotA Map

Game Modes

Typed by the blue player (usually the host) within the first 15 seconds of the game. As a general rule, the planned game mode(s) should always be included in the game name. Modes can now be entered on one line like "-apidsh" or "-dm -ar -sc". You do not need to worry about the order you enter the modes in, the game will handle it or warn you (and give you another chance) if the mode is incorrect/incompatible.

-ap / -allpick

Player may pick hero from all teams' taverns.

-ar / -allrandom

All players start off with a random hero chosen out of both taverns.

-du / duplicate mode

More than one copy of the same hero may be selected by different players. Currently only compatible with -allrandom mode.

-mm / -mirrormatch

Players may choose a hero as normal, but after a given period of time, the teams will be randomized according to the heroes chosen by both sides and corresponding players given the same hero. The resulting teams will be identical, hence the name of the mode (5v5 game = 5 pairs of heros chosen from 10 possible ones).

-rd / -randomdraft

This command gives a pool of 20(22?) heroes to pick in a 1-2-2-2-2-1 format, with either blue or pink going first, and then it will work down the rest of the colors with the team that is picking alternating each time.

-sc / super creeps

Random super creeps may spawn every creep wave. Completely random except for the progression of supercreeps (Golems, Scary Fish, Ancient Hydra) and played for the increased gameplay dynamics. Not completely considered "fair", due to the randomness and inconsistency of the super creeps spawning per side (e.g. Sentinels may receive spawns very late in the game compared to the Scourge getting spawns frequently earlier on).

-em / easymode

Building and tower hit points are reduced, higher rate of hero experience and gold accumulation. This mode was previously known as shortmode (-sm).

-dm / deathmatch

If a player's hero dies, that hero type is removed from gameplay and the player chooses a new hero from the remaining selection. When a team has thirty deaths, it is defeated. (This mode is currently bugged in version 6.12b when a hero dies he also loses 1 level)

-id / itemdrop

Enables random item drop upon death instead of losing money.

-lm / leaguemode

The teams will only be able to choose one hero at a time, until all players have picked their hero, in this order: Blue, Pink, Teal, Light Blue, Purple ... and finally Brown. This is to avoid one of the teams only choosing heroes countering the other teams heroes. This way the picks are justly distributed.


Players receive a random hero on his corresponding side (either Sentinel or Scourge), he can repick for 500 gold during the first minute of the game by using the command -repick (see below).


Enables an additional tavern with a new hero at the bottom right of the map. It is to serve as a buffer for newly introduced heros which are not yet balanced for normal play. Currently the only hero in this tavern is the Invoker. EDIT: This mode is no longer available.

-as/ -aa/ -ai

All strength/ agility/ intelligence heroes mode. Only strength/ agility/ intelligence heroes can be picked.

-sh / samehero

All players in the game will recieve the hero that the host either picks or randoms.


enables wtf mode. All spell cooldowns are removed, and heroes have limitless mana.

Commands available to all players


Gives you a new, random hero if you're in an -ar game and you want to change your hero (costs 500 gold). There is a limited time window for repicking (the maximum number of "repicks" is one).


With the Phantom Assassin (PA), it is used for refreshing her "invisibility" (due to a bug that removes this invisibility on death). Since the release of version 6.10, it no longer casts a Frost Nova animation on the PA.


Selects a random hero from your side. You can repick another random hero by typing -repick, but it costs 150g. (note the different gold costs for repicking in -allrandom games and repicking when you yourself choose to -random.)


Displays current move speed (for debugging and informational purposes). Also works with -ms.


For heroes that have the ability to undergo a metamorphosis that is not tied to the unit in the world editor map, namely Dragon Knight, Lycanthropy, Lifestealer, and Soul Keeper, where there are occasional problems with losing control of the unit. This is resolved by bringing the unit back to the 'fountain' area and typing this command. The command has a 200 second channeling time, to prevent abuses.


Transports your hero to the fountain after 50 seconds; it's used when you are stuck in a unmovable place (e.g. trapped in an area of trees). You cannot move while transporting.


Displays the enemy players' alias along with which hero they are currently controlling. Also works with -ma.


Shows you your current creep kills. The board(cson) continually shows the number, while the normal command does not.


Allows you to select any teammate from a menu. That teammate will be given the option to either select 'yes' or 'no' to the question if he wants to trade his hero with you. If he chooses 'yes', all items will be carried over and control over the hero switches. If he chooses 'no', nothing will happen. Either way, you cannot use the command -swaphero again. Each player may use this command once, so it is possible that one hero is swapped between multiple players. This command cannot be typed after the first wave of creep commences.

-disablehelp / -enablehelp

These two commands are designed to prevent abuses of Chen's Test of Faith. If you type -disablehelp at the beginning of the game, Chen's Test of Faith will not work on you. If you type -enablehelp later on, Chen's spell will work on you.


This command shows the -cs board, and it also shows a ! whenever a creep or tower is denied. aka -di
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